04/12 PETIT WEEK IN WINE - The Langhe Region of Italy

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04/12 PETIT WEEK IN WINE - The Langhe Region of Italy

PETIT WEEK IN WINE | April 13 - April 16 2023

I hope you are enjoying this Carolina Blue Sky day! This week, it's all about the Italy's Piemonte! Nestled in the heart of Italy's Piedmont region lies the enchanting wine country of Langhe, where rolling hills and picturesque vineyards produce some of the world's most celebrated wines.

One of the standout wineries in the region is the renowned Abbona winery, which has been producing exceptional wines for generations. Their commitment to quality and traditional winemaking techniques has earned them a reputation as one of the top wineries in the area. With a focus on the region's classic grape varietals, such as Dolcetto, and Nebbiolo, Abbona's wines are a true reflection of the Langhe's unique terroir.

Whether you enjoy a glass of their rich and full-bodied DOCG Barolo or prefer the crisp freshness of their Cinerino Bianco, a visit to Petit Philippe for the four wine Tasting Flight is a must!! Don't miss the chance to discover your new favorite Piedmont winemaker that punches well-above its weight without breaking the bank.

The $20 Tasting Flight includes a Bianco made from Viognier grapes, a Nebbiolo aged in stainless steel, the "Papa Celso" Dolcetto that carries one of the forefathers' name, and a Barolo from village of Monforte.

We hope to see you this week, as this will be the last offical Tasting Flight at the Selwyn Ave. location given our 2-day Rosé Fest next week. Join us on Selwyn this week and reflect upon the 600+ weekly tastings we've done here for the past 12+ years! And not-to-worry, the weekly flight program will continue all summer at our South End location and before long, we'll be pouring you the weekly tasting flight at 4001 Park Road!

ONTO ROSÉ FEST! If you're coming, please RSVP below- tickets are selling fast and we're over half full. Don't delay your tickets for a last minute purchase that may not be available! We sell this event out every year, and this year, due to demand, you have the opportunity to choose from either the Friday 4/21 evening timeframe OR the Saturday 4/22 afternoon option. Link to tickets below..!

Also, we just announced our next wine dinner on Thursday, April 27th with Rosemary Cakebread of Gallica at Del Frisco's. CLICK HERE for all the details! Just 8 tickets now remain available..

We look forward to seeing you this week. Drink more Langhe!

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Marziano Abbona

A great story starts with a memorable beginning. That of the Abbona winery is represented by the hard, brilliant work of the first Marziano Abbona and his son Celso. Forefathers of the family and founders of the core of their business, both men were stern and traditional, but courageous and progressive.

Celso Abbona was among the first of his generation to believe in the potential of Dogliani and its territory and to valorize the grape variety that its hills are able to fully express: Dolcetto.

Together with his family, vine after vine, Celso planted the legendary vineyard Bricco Doriolo, located in Santa Lucia di Dogliani. Today, this vineyard not only embodies the historical memory of the company, but it represents one of the most prestigious crus of Dogliani (a cru wine is a single-vineyard wine). The winery’s flagship wine comes from this vineyard, named the Papà Celso in honor of this great man.

Upon the death of Celso in 1964, the winery passed on to his sons, Marziano (named after his grandfather) and Enrico Abbona. These were difficult years full of hard work. The brothers transformed the family business – a traditional farm – into a winery. They began their first bottlings of Dolcetto under the name of the family and, in the footsteps of Celso, continued to invest in the territory and vines of Dogliani.

In the beginning of the 1980s, Marziano and Enrico looked to the Langhe with renewed interest – and perhaps with a bit of a gamble. They saw a challenge. At a time when Barolo was still undiscovered, they purchased land in the hilly area of Monforte d’Alba and Novello, today known for their production of this “King of Wines.” The two brothers did not limit themselves to purchasing land; one after another, they chose the best plots in the best positions for land historically considered the most prestigious: Ravera in Novello; Bricco Barone and Rinaldi in Monforte d’Alba. The notion of crus was as yet unformed, but Marziano and Enrico already understood that these great vineyards had the potential to produce the best wines.


1996 was the first harvest of Cinerino, a Langhe DOC Bianco made from Viognier grapes. The wine was an experiment that Marziano had coveted for years, highly desired for his love of Valle del Rodano wines. The Cinerino marks a piece of the winery’s history and is set to become one of the most unique and esteemed whites of the Langhe.


While the selection of their wines grew and earned important, international recognition, Mara Abbona, daughter of Marziano, entered the business in 1999. It was the same year in which Enrico Abbona sadly passed away from a serious illness. Langhe DOC Rosso I due Ricu is dedicated to him and Marziano’s uncle, also named Enrico.


By the end of the 1990s, the time was ripe to construct a new winery in the center of the vineyards that marked the history of the Abbona family. The ambitious project is a large, interred winery that minimizes environmental impact, its ancient foundations a dialogue between past and present; the winery itself accommodates all the phases of winemaking.


The beginning of the second millennium brought several novelties: the company felt the incentive to undertake new projects and roads less traveled.


Following the spirit of challenge, intuition, and courage of Papà Celso, between 2007 and 2008 they produced the Metodo Classico sparkling wines made from Chardonnay and Pinot Nero, cultivated on the hills of Dogliani. Another wine soon joined: Langhe DOC Rosso Zerosolfiti, a blend of Dolcetto, Barbera, and Nebbiolo that is produced only in the best years. Its sulfite content is less than 5 ml per liter.


In 2007, the winery celebrated 30 years from the first vintage of Papà Celso. The following year, Chiara, the youngest daughter of Marziano Abbona, entered the business, side by side of her sister Mara, who joined the company in 1999.

Join us this week as we feature a flight of FOUR wines from the Langhe region of Italy- the heart of the Piemonte!

Marziano Abbona

"Cinerino" Langhe DOC Bianco 2021 - $32 btl/retail

Langhe, Piemonte, IT

Marziano Abbona

"Garombello" Langhe DOC Nebbiolo 2021 - $25 btl/retail

Langhe, Piemonte, IT

Marziano Abbona

"Papà Celso" Dogliani DOCG Dolcetto 2021 - $25 btl/retail

Doriolo - Dogliani, Piemonte, IT

Marziano Abbona

"Pressenda" Barolo DOCG 2016 - $62 btl/retail

Pressenda - Monforte d'Alba, Piemonte, IT

Tasting Flight of 4 Wines - $20 (2.5oz pours each)

>> Tasting Flight Hours:


5:00 - 7:30pm Thursday - Friday

1:00 - 7:30pm Saturday 


5:30 - 9:00pm Thursday - Friday

1:00 - 9:00pm Saturday

1:00 - 5:30pm Sunday

>> Tasting Flight Offerings:

Marziano Abbona

"Cinerino" Langhe DOC Bianco 2021

Langhe, Piemonte, IT

$32 btl/retail

SUMMARY: The Abbona family discovered Viognier in the Rhone Valley. The desire to reproduce the excellence they found in France returned with them to their hills, and thus began Cinerino. The wine’s name comes from the grey herons that occasionally stop in the lake beside the vineyards. 

VARIETAL/WINEMAKING: 100% Viognier. Crushing-destemming and 36-hour maceration on the stems using CO2, before draining and soft pressing, static decanting, and transfer to 225l (acacia and French oak); inoculation with selected indigenous yeasts. Alcoholic fermentation at cellar temperature for 26 days follows, with daily bâtonnage until alcoholic fermentation is complete. It ages on its lees for five months, during which time weekly bâtonnage is done. Aged in oak and acacia barrels for five months, at the end of which the wine is assembled in stainless steel tanks where static decantation is done.

TASTING NOTE:  The Cinerino, obtained only from Viogner grapes and reasult of the intuition and risk of Marziano Abbona, among the first to believe in the potential of this variety in Italy almost 30 years ago, shows in this 2021 the fabric of the great vintages, of those that will be great even in many years. Unique aromatic expressiveness on the nose, with notes of sage, rosemary, acacia honey and apricot. In the mouth we find the usual creaminess and an almost oily texture, fullness that never tires the palate thanks to a surprising acidity and elegance in the finish.

PAIRING SUGGESTION: Viognier's aromatic character and medium body can stand up to spicy foods, making it a great choice for Indian or Thai dishes.

Marziano Abbona

"Garombello" Langhe DOC Nebbiolo 2021

Langhe, Piemonte, IT

$25 btl/retail

SUMMARY: The Garombello Nebbiolo with great drinkability, this is marked with fruit and a freshness combined with soft tannins that are barely felt. Its refining highlights the purity and natural characteristics of the grape variety. 

VARIETAL/WINEMAKING: 100% Nebbiolo from 35 year old vines.  Crushing-destemming is followed by spontaneous alcoholic fermentation using indigenous yeasts. It is left in contact with the skins in stainless steel tanks. : Filtration, and bottling, done in March 2022. Rests in the bottle for two months before release.

TASTING NOTE: . Garombello 2021 is a wine that shows in the glass a pale and veiled ruby red, classic of this noble variety. The nose is dominated by the best primary and varietal aromas of Nebbiolo, the flower of violet, cherry and currant, while in the mouth tannin is present but also soft and refreshing, with a structure capable of facing a prolonged aging.

PAIRING SUGGESTION: The earthy flavors of roasted vegetables like mushrooms, eggplant, and zucchini pair well with the tannic structure of this Nebbiolo.

Marziano Abbona

"Papà Celso" Dogliani DOCG Dolcetto 2021

Doriolo - Dogliani, Piemonte, IT

$25 btl/retail

SUMMARY: The winery’s flagship wine, Papà Celso is dedicated to the memory of Celso Abbona, father of Marziano, who planted every vine in the Doriolo vineyard. The wine is exclusively produced with grapes from this vineyard. It is our most important Dogliani, made from grapes grown on vines over 60 years old that give the wine a pleasant balance between elegance, power, and harmony.

VARIETAL/WINEMAKING: 100% Dolcetto from 63 year old vines. Crushing-destemming is followed by spontaneous alcoholic fermentation using indigenous yeasts. It is left in contact with the skins in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Aged in in stainless steel tanks until bottling in March 2022. Then, bottle rest for three months before release.

TASTING NOTE: Fragrant nose of purple plums, wild strawberries, lavender and rosemary. Firm and chewy on the palate, with muscular tannins and a medium to full body. Inky and opulent to the core, the 2021 is once again one of the most heady, exotic wines in Dogliani, a true original. 

PAIRING SUGGESTION: The bright acidity and fruit-forward character of Dolcetto make it an ideal pairing for pizza, especially when topped with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil.

Marziano Abbona

"Pressenda" Barolo DOCG 2016

Pressenda - Monforte d'Alba, Piemonte, IT

$62 btl/retail

SUMMARY: Pressenda is a spectacular vineyard overlooking the Castle of Serralunga d’Alba, located in Monforte d’Alba. The wine is ready to develop in the bottle, yet is already enjoyable thanks to the natural acidic component that refreshes the palate. 

VARIETAL/WINEMAKING: 100% Nebbiolo from 46 year old vines. Crushing-destemming followed by maceration in contact with skins for 24 hours. Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation in contact with its skins follows, in stainless steel tanks for 20 days using indigenous yeasts; daily pumpovers. When this process is done, submerged cap maceration is carried out for 40 days and then dry racking, decantation, and transfer to barrels. Aged in barrels of 500 liters for the first 9 months, then transferred to oak barrels of 50 hectoliters for the next 29 months, at the end of which is assemblage and bottling. Rests in the bottle for nine months before release.

TASTING NOTE: Pressenda shows a garnet red color with brick nuances, at the nose the fruity sensations are the protagonists together with ripe fruit in evidence and spicy and licorice notes in the background. The palate is rich, intense, structured with a great balance between power and finesse. The tannin is present and persistent but very delicate and soft. A wine destined to grow further, despite the great start worthy of a remarkable Barolo.

PAIRING SUGGESTION: The earthy flavors of truffles pair beautifully with the complex aromas and flavors of Barolo, making it a great choice for a truffle risotto or pasta dish.

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