12/01 PETIT WEEK IN WINE - The Jura Region of Eastern France

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12/01 PETIT WEEK IN WINE - The Jura Region of Eastern France

PETIT WEEK IN WINE | December 1 - December 4 2022

This Week's Flight:

The countdown is on: 24 days until Christmas!

It's December! Let's kick-off the month of with some fun and delicious wines from Domaine Rolet from France's Jura region. This week's flight will feature four wines from winemaker Cédric Ducoté, which I am sure you will agree are emblematic to his meticulous precision in producing high quality AND affordable Jura wines.

We will be tasting two whites and two reds that are sure to impress with their unique terroir signature, and their not-so-common varietal traits. Read on for a primer on the Jura Region, their main varietals, and our featured producer - Domaine Rolet.

This is your week to sample, taste, and learn more about Jura wines (think of how clever you'll sound at your first holiday party). So I invite you to swing by our Myers Park or South End locations starting this evening and continue your wine journey with us.

See you this weekend.



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Map of the four AOCs of the Jura wine region along with major towns, and villages.

Jura is hidden between Burgundy and Switzerland, and for those that seek adventure it offers magnificent landscapes, beautiful villages, and a rich variety of authentic wines!

The Jura vineyards do not cover a large area but they are exceptionally diverse, stretching over 80 km through the Revermont region. Nestled against the foothills of the Jura mountains gives this area a very unique geography and soil composition.

In 1936, the Jura wine region of Arbois was awarded the first French AOC label. Since then, six other AOCs have rewarded the passionate work of the region’s winemakers. In the early 20th century, after the vines had been devastated by the phylloxera, they patiently recreated superior-quality vineyards respectful of traditional practices. Today Jura wine region has four geographic AOCs and three "product" AOCs dedicated to the production of liqueur (Macvin du Jura), sparkling (Crémant du Jura), and pomace brandy (Marc du Jura).

AOC Arbois - Pioneering

  • The Arbois appellation is the oldest and largest of the four geographic AOCs. Its name comes from the Celtic words ‘ar’ and ‘bois’ which mean ‘fertile land’. Renowned for its bright and elegant red wines, it produces the full range of Jura wines. 

AOC Côtes du Jura - Diversified

  • Dating back to 1937, AOC Côtes du Jura is omnipresent from the north to the south on a wide range of soils. The region’s second-largest producer, making wines with all its grape varieties. The whole range of Jura wines is represented, but still and sparkling whites dominate – rounded, fruity and generous.

AOC L’Étoile - Divine

  • Its name (meaning ‘star’) is a legend in itself. It may refer to the countless tiny star-shaped Pentacrinite fossils buried in its soil, or to the star arrangement of the five hills surrounding the village. This AOC has been producing exceptional white wines, including Vin Jaune and Vin de Paille, since 1937. Chardonnay is king, alone or paired with Savagnin. 

AOC Château-Chalon - Exclusive

  • This AOC has been producing one of the world’s greatest wines since 1937. Derived exclusively from Savagnin, Vin Jaune is the only wine produced here. The golden nectar only reveals its incomparable character after a long, supervised period of ageing. A year’s production can even be skipped if grape quality is not considered optimal. 

The FIVE Grape Varieties of Jura

Displaying an exceptional range of aromas and flavours, Jura wines are made with five different grape varieties: Chardonnay, Savagnin, Poulsard (or Ploussard), Trousseau and Pinot noir. These five varieties express themselves ever so subtly depending on the lie of the land, the specific microclimate and the delicate blends crafted between them.

Chardonnay: Floral & Elegant

  • Chardonnay originated in Burgundy but has been grown in the Jura since the 10th century. It adapts easily, making it the most widespread grape variety. Found on light, limestone soils, it produces floral white wines fragrant with citrus fruits, peaches, white flowers, but also roasted hazelnuts or almonds when blended with Savagnin.

Savagnin: Smooth & Intense

  • Typical of the Jura region, Savagnin grows on soils of grey marl and ripens slowly. Demanding and patient, it is ideal for oxidative ageing under a film of yeast known as the voile, or veil. It produces powerful white wines with complex aromas of fresh butter, undergrowth, almonds, walnuts and spices. In topped-up barrels, it displays mineral notes of lemon and white flowers.

Poulsard: Bright & Fruity

  • This ancient native grape variety, also called Ploussard, thrives in strong soils of marl or clay. It’s the second most widespread variety after Chardonnay. Its thin-skinned grapes with white juice produce fresh and pleasant wines with hints of small red fruits and a surprising light-ruby color.

Pinot Noir: Supple & Full-bodied

  • Often used in blends for its gustatory and ageing properties, Pinot noir can also be enjoyed on its own. Planted in gravelly soils since the 15th century, it is often the first to ripen. It produces bright-red wines with notes of undergrowth, cherry and wild fruit.

Trousseau: Rare & Surprising

  • A demanding, late-harvest grape native to the Comté region, Trousseau requires lighter, gravelly, warm soils. Once vinified, it develops intense, peppery, spicy flavors and hints of red fruits.

Primer on Domaine Rolet

Domaine Rolet vinifies only the grapes grown in its own vineyards, harvested by hand only.

The domaine cultivates the 5 typical Jurassian grape varieties: Chardonnay and Savagnin for white wines, Poulsard, Trousseau and Pinot Noir for the red wines. Each vine is planted on the soil best matched to the specific grape variety to produce high quality wines.

The estate was created in 1942 by Désiré Rolet, then taken over in 1958 by his children, Eliane, Bernard, Guy and Pierre who joined him. The vineyard then developed in the communes of Voiteur, then Passenans and finally Etoile. The vines are planted on beautiful hillsides, sometimes with steep slopes making the soil difficult to work. The caterpillars are preferred to tractors because they are lighter, thus creating less compaction on the soil. They pass over the grassy strips of the vineyard between the intentionally unplanted 5th and 6th vineyard row.

Since June 2018, Cédric Ducoté has taken over the direction of the Estate, and is working with ambition and meticulous precision to continue to produce typical Jura wines of high quality.

Since his arrival, the reflection to work in organic culture was initiated and in 2020, a part of the vineyards are now in organic conversion.

Join us this week as we will be featuring four Jura wines from Domaine Rolet that will surely delight your senses.

Domaine Rolet - Blanc Savagnin Ouillé 2021 - $31/btl retail

Arbois, Jura, France

Domaine Rolet - Arbois Blanc Chardonnay 2018 - $31/btl retail

Arbois, Jura, France

Domaine Rolet - Arbois Trousseau 2019 - $31/btl retail

Arbois, Jura, France

Domaine Rolet - Arbois Rogue Tradition 2018 - $31/btl retail

Arbois, Jura, France


Full Flight of 4 Wines - $20 (2.5oz pours)


5:00 - 7:30pm Thursday - Friday

1:00 - 7:30pm Saturday 


5:30 - 9:00pm Thursday - Friday

1:00 - 9:00pm Saturday

1:00 - 5:30pm Sunday

Tasting Flight Selections:

Domaine Rolet - Blanc Savagnin Ouillé 2021

Arbois, Jura, France


$31/btl retail

Traditionally in the region the wines are allowed to gently oxidise, much like the process used to make Sherry, but the Savagnin Ouille is made in a fresher style, displaying the soft apple notes of the grape.


Varietal: 100% Savagnin (non oxidative style). Grown on marl soil. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentations in neutral barrel. Aged 9 months in barrel before release.


Taste: This grape, part of the Traminer family, is special to Jura. Here it produces a rich wine, packed with ripe spice, mango and peach fruits. This opulence is balanced by intense minerality, saltiness and a hint of yeast. The wine is full bodied, fresh, elegant and balanced.

Domaine Rolet - Arbois Blanc Chardonnay 2018

Arbois, Jura, France


$31/btl retail

This oak-aged Chardonnay is full of toasty-notes and rich white fruits with a tight, mineral texture.


Varietal: 100% Chardonnay. Soil composed of loose gravels, grey marl, limestone. Aged 9 months primarily in neutral oak barrels; 10-20% new to one year wood.


Taste: The nose leans tropical, mango and pineapple layered over touches of butterscotch, vanilla and slate like minerals. Opens up quite a bit with some oxygen, becoming plump on the palate with ripe orchard fruits, more pineapple, and yellow plum. Barrel aging brings a structured roundness to the midpalate and lends butterscotch, vanilla and cream notes to the finish.

Domaine Rolet - Arbois Trousseau 2019

Arbois, Jura, France


$31/btl retail

This Trousseau is a ripe, juicy wine with fine tannins that intermingle with fragrant red fruits and acidity.


Varietal: 100% Trousseau. Grown on Clay and gravel soils. 40+ year old vines. Fermented whole cluster and aged in neutral barrel before.


Taste: A light bodied wine, showing a real sensitivity. Strong aromas of crushed strawberries on the nose, spices and eathy notes. It's delicate and charming at the same time. The palate is fresh, with crunchy red fruits.


Domaine Rolet - Arbois Rogue Tradition 2018

Arbois, Jura, France


$31/btl retail

A traditional light red from Arbois which brings the complexity from the soils of the hills of Montigny and Arbois made of red marls and rich gravels.


Varietal: 40% Poulsard, 30% Trousseau, 30% Pinot Noir. Soils composed of red marl and gravel. Fully de-stemmed. Fermented and matured separately. Aged in neutral foudre for 12 months, combined 3 months before bottling.


Taste: Lightly colored red is wonderfully balanced, with floral notes and finesse from the Poulsard, red fruit and tannic structure from the trousseau, and a wild mushroom earthiness from the pinot, underlined by a touch of hazelnut from the very light controlled oxidation.

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