WEEKLT FLIGHT 9/7 through 9/10/2022 - Arianna Occhipinti

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WEEKLT FLIGHT 9/7 through 9/10/2022 - Arianna Occhipinti

Elegant Natural Wines from Vittoria, Sicily

-Arianna Occhipinti-

A Seminal Figure for a

New Generation of Wine Lovers

Sicily is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, but its wines are often thought to be too bold to enjoy on their own. Winemaker Arianna Occhipinti is changing the game by producing a more delicate vintage at her vineyard in Vittoria.


I've been preaching the Occhipinti wines for almost a decade now, as this is THE benchmark producer for greatness from Sicily. And I personally met Arianna Occhipinti some five summers ago in Durham and we continue to be smitten with her wines.


Well, now the word is out....


You may have tuned into Stanley Tucci's "Searching for Italy" program which showcased Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean. This region is also known as "God's Kitchen" because of its fertile soil, and the produce that grows here has inspired a cuisine that lets simple ingredients shine. As Stanley Tucci says, when eating in Sicily "don't mistake uncomplicated for bland."


One thing is for sure there is NOTHING bland about Arianna Occhipinti's wines.


What can I say? These are simply incredible wines.


Read on for further details- I believe you will be pleasantly pleased with these wines that speak to the unique terroir of Sicily at a great value.


Lastly four tickets to tomorrow night's Scribe wine dinner JUST became available. Call us here at the shop if you'd like to snap them up. We were FULL as of this morning but just had a 4-top need to cancel.... 704-332-9910.







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SCRIBE - Winemaker Dinner

(Was FULL but 4 seat reservation just cancelled @12:15pm - 4 tix for resale avail NOW!) 

featuring a property that pioneered pre-prohibition Sonoma Valley winemaking

  • Thursday, September 8th at 6:30PM
  • 4-course repast, Dressler's Metropolitan


KRUPP BROS Winery - Private Tasting

featuring single vineyards at the foot of the Vaca Mountains just off the Silverado Trail

  • Wednesday, September 14th
  • Hosted here at Petit Philippe
  • Email us for details


FALL HARVEST Event at the Tasting Room

featuring an all Italian line-up with Fred Mullins of VIAS Imports

  • Thursday, September 29th
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Join us Wednesday through Saturday for a flight of four Rioja wines:



OCCHIPINTI "SP68" Bianco 2021 - $39 btl/retail

Sicily, Italy 


OCCHIPINTI "SP68" Rosso 2021 - $39 btl/retail

Sicily, Italy 


OCCHIPINTI Frapatto 2020 - $62 btl/retail

Sicily, Italy 


OCCHIPINTI Nero d'Avola Siccagno 2019 - $62 btl/retail

Sicily, Italy 


WINES ARE LIMITED!! We have just over a case of each of these wines for the year....


Full Flight of 4 - $25 (2.5oz pours)


4:30 - 7:00pm Wednesday

4:00 - 7:30pm Thursday - Friday

1:00 - 7:30pm Saturday




Occhipinti is located in the Vittoria region of southeastern coast of Sicily between the Mediterranean Sea and inland mountains. Owner/winemaker Arianna Occhipinti's passion, energy and vision are infectious! She founded the estate in 2004, bottled her first commercial vintage in 2006 and today works exclusively with estate fruit. Her 25 hectares are certified-organic/biodynamic and feature only native Sicilian varietals: 50% Frappato, 35% Nero d'Avola and 15% white varieties Albanello and Zibibbo (aka Muscat of Alexandria). The Frappato and Nero d'Avola vines range from 10-year-old guyot-trained vines which she planted all the way up to 60-year-old alberello-trained leased vines. Total production, across all her wines less than 10,000 cases annually.


Arianna started at age 16 in her uncle Giusto Occhipinti's cellar--he being the proprietor of Vittoria's most famous winery, COS. She loved it enough to go to oenology school and to jump right into her own production. She began with a mere one hectare of abandoned vines attached to a family vacation house. School gave her some technical knowledge, though she credits her real knowledge to her uncle - who raised his wines as well as his niece on organic viticulture, harvesting by hand and native-yeast fermentations, none of which was typical of Sicily's previously dominated bulk wine market.



In Arianna's own words: 

"Not irrigating, harvesting late and not using fertilizers are the secret to making more elegant wines in the area. The freshness and minerality in my wines come from the subsoils. Any wine made from young vines or chemically grown vines feeding only off of the top soil will have the cooked, hot characteristics people associate with wine from warm regions."


There was never any doubt in Arianna's mind about whether to pursue this natural approach in order to express the freshness of the Vittorian microclimate, the minerality of the chalky soils and the purity of the best local grape varieties. She made a number of other significant choices in pursuit of this balance. There is zero irrigation in her vineyards in this hot, windy climate. Cover crops including fava beans and other useful plants grow between every other row. Juice and wine are moved only by gravity. There is no new oak. The red blend in SP68 is a blend of Frappato and Nero d'Avola. It's a fresher take on these regional varieties.


Personally I'm a fan of her pure Frappato bottling, which uses no new oak. Arianna believes other Sicilian producers use oak only to add a sense of gravitas to their wines for the international wine market, but she believes the gravitas comes from deep in the soil. The Nero d'Avola is also a brilliant flagship wine.


Arianna's star has risen very quickly over the last decade in the wine world, and she is rightly regarded as a symbol of success in the world of biodynamic farming and natural winemaking. She has remained committed to those principles, while evolving from her originally more dogmatic outlook.


OCCHIPINTI "SP68" Bianco 2021

Sicily, Italy


$39.00 (purchase it online here)


SP68 is named after Strada Provinciale 68 in Sicily that has connected the villages of Gela & Camarina for centuries and serves as the artery into Arianna's vineyards that are brushed by the Ibleian winds. Described as squeezed between heaven & earth, the Vittoria vineyards produce a clean mineral-driven palate in this SP68 Bianco.


Varietal: 60% Moscato di Alessandria, and 40% Albanello from 15 year old vines. Aged for 6 months in concrete vats, and 1 month in bottle.


Taste: The nose presents memories of Mediterranean herbs and white flowers accompanied by a fruity note that combines aromas of pink grapefruit, lychees and white peaches. On the palate it is a light and delicate wine, with a fresh and almost herbaceous note and with a dry finish.


OCCHIPINTI "SP68" Rosso 2021

Sicily, Italy


$39.00 (purchase it online here)


SP68 is named after Strada Provinciale 68 in Sicily that has connected the villages of Gela & Camarina for centuries and serves as the artery into Arianna's vineyards that are brushed by the Ibleian winds. Described as squeezed between heaven & earth, the Vittoria vineyards produce a vivid, plush, and silky SP68 Rosso.


Varietal: 70% Frappato/30% Nero d'Avola. The two varietals are native to Sicily and are grown on red sand soils over limestone rock, with vines averaging 15 years old on four different sites. The vines are organically farmed and hand-harvested. The fruit is mainly destemmed (4% stem inclusion in the upcoming vintage) and co-fermented with native yeasts in concrete tanks and with a two-week skin maceration. The wine is aged in concrete tank for 8 months, and 1 month in the bottle.


Taste: The taste is soft and fresh, of good persistence. Wine made with old style artisanal methods, very clean/light and needing just a year to two for maturity and drinking pleasure.


OCCHIPINTI Frappato 2020

Sicily, Italy


$62.00 (purchase it online here)


Let's just say Arianna Occhipinti put the modern winemaking movement in Sicily on the wine map. The 2020 vintage is a red natural wine made from biodynamic Frappato grapes grown near the town of Vittoria, Sicily. Think Pinot Noir with a Sicilian attitude and the structure of something more like Nebbiolo.  


Varietal: 100% Frappato from 2 different estate parcels with vines averaging about 40 years old. One parcel is older, bush-trained vines on a sandier version of the estate's red-clay-limestone soils; the other is younger, Guyot-trained on more limestone. The sites are at a higher altitude and harvested later than the Frappato that goes in the SP68 bottling. The vines are organically and biodynamically farmed and harvested by hand. The fruit is destemmed but the grapes left whole for crushing; fermentation is with native yeasts in concrete tank with a 30-day maceration. The wine is first aged for 8 months in 25-hectoliter Slavonian oak botti and for another 8 months in concrete tank, before being bottled unfiltered. 


Taste: Old World aromas of farm, coupled with bright red primary fruit and wonderful medium-bodied concentration. Juicy with fine tannins and vibrant acidity that bursts with notes of raspberries, cherries and rose petals.



Siccagno 2019

Sicily, Italy


$62.00 (purchase it online here)


Arianna Occhipinti's flagship wine. The Siccagno displays the terroir the same way Arianna feels about Siciliy- proud, rebellious and very much in gratitude. This Red is fragrant & graceful with fruit & spice.


Varietal: 100% Nero D’Avola. Two parcels on white limestone soils go into Siccagno (which is both site name and dialect for "good wine"), one being bush-trained, the other in double Guyot. The vines average 30 years old, are organically and biodynamically farmed and harvested by hand, generally in the first 10 days of October. The fruit is destemmed but the berries left whole; it is fermented with native yeasts and 20-25 days of maceration. The wine is aged for 2 years in 3000-liter Stockinger (Austrian oak) casks before being bottled unfiltered.  


Taste: Chili pepper, wet tobacco and black cherries collide on the nose while the palate can be characterized by dark licorice, tart dark cherry, ashy charcoal and fresh potting soil. Arianna’s wines are the ode to the place she loves!