WEEKLY FLIGHT 8/4 through 8/6/2022 - SAVOIE!

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WEEKLY FLIGHT 8/4 through 8/6/2022 - SAVOIE!

- Savoie -
more than just ski chalet wines
As we've all been day-dreaming about a respite from the heat, my mind takes me to the Savoie region of France - just an hour's drive from where I lived in Grenoble! Think somewhere between the Disneyland-scape of Annecy, due south of Geneva and west of the Mont Blanc. Yes, it's a tremendous neighborhood. This quintessentially alpine region bordering the Swiss and French alps is dotted with glacial lakes, rocky plateaus, dramatic hillsides, and yes, vineyards! We call it one of the last hidden gems across the wine regions of France.
This week, we take you to the Savoie - with wines made from handpicked grapes from limestone soils and five+ generations of family winemaking. So it's time to cool down, head the the rolling french countryside at the foot of the Alps and enjoy some of the most expressive wines from France. And which surprisingly, offer some of the greatest value in Europe.
Read on and see you soon. The flight starts tonight!
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See you soon and be well.
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Join us Thursday through Saturday for a flight of four wines from France's Savoie region:
Le Cellier des Chênes "Altadia" Crémant de Savoie Brut NV - $23 btl/retail
Savoie, France
Le Cellier des Chênes Aprémont Tradition Blanc 2021 - $19 btl/retail
Savoie, France
La Cave du Prieuré Roussette de Savoie 2021 - $26 btl/retail
Savoie, France
La Cave du Prieuré Savoie Pinot Noir 2021 - $26 btl/retail
Savoie, France
Full Flight of 4 - $16 (2.5oz pours)
4:00 - 7:30pm Thursday - Friday
1:00 - 7:30pm Saturday
Savoie Primer
Savoie was inhabited by the Celtic Allobroges (back in the Astérix and Obélix days) which was part of the territory of Gallia Transalpina, the first Roman province north of the Alps. The province included Languedoc and Provence and was established in the late 2nd century BC.
Prior to being controlled by France, Savoie was part of the kingdom of Italy. It was annexed to France following the Treaty of Turin concluded between France and the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1860.
From a formally administrative standpoint, Savoie is a French department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. As a wine region though, Savoie consists of many isolated sub-regions and plots of vineyards scattered across four French departments: Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Isère (where I lived) and Ain. Savoie neighbors Switzerland (to the East), the Jura region (to the North) and the little-known Bugey region, which is west across the Rhône river. All told, the region is under 5,000 acres (2000 ha) accounting for a mere 0.5% of French wines. If you like white wines, this region is for you, as 70% of the wine produced in Savoie is white. But make no mistake, you'll find tremendous red wine here too.
The vineyards are on slopes, sometimes very steep. However, the height above sea level is relatively modest, between 200 and 500 meters. The vineyards are often along the rivers, e.g., Isère, a tributary of the Rhône. The rivers, the lakes (Annecy, Lac Léman and others) and of course, the high mountain peaks affect the climate. It’s mild, there is even Mediterranean flora here, but as so often in mountainous regions, there can be rapid and unexpected fluctuations.
Grape Varietals:
There are 23 grape varieties planted in Savoie and of these, there are five white and two red grape varieties that stand out for their exceptional quality and affinity to the rugged land. This weekend showcases:
* Jacquère (made in the method Champenoise)
* Jacquère (a still white wine)
* Altesse (another brilliant white variety)
* Pinot Noir (made similarly to wines from Jura, but a bit less geekly)
Although the vineyard soils are mostly lime-rich glacial material, there is a great diversity of soil types in Savoie: moraines (glacial deposits), alluvial soils, river terraces (river stone over clay), terraced steep limestone scree slopes, and the 'molasse' basin.
Ultimately, Savoie presents an incredible patchwork of soils that came from the epochs that erected the Alps during the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods.
There is terrific value here, a hidden gem indeed - SAVOIE! Wine with beautiful expression, tiny production levels, relatively low alcohol and made in a pure, clean style which are somewhat unmatched in quality/value for French wines.
See you this week!! Here's the lineup:
Le Cellier des Chênes "Altadia" Crémant de Savoie Brut NV
Jura-Savoie, France
$23.00 (purchase it online here)
A crow-pleasing Crémant from Le Cellier des Chênes from the village of Apremont in the French Alps just south of Chambéry in the Savoie. Domaine Blanc's small production seldom is available outside of France - enjoy this Crémant de Savoie while we have it!
Varietal: 100% Jacquère that is vinified using the méthode champenoise. Aged 24 months on lees. 
Taste: Pleasant bubbles in the glass with aromas full of ripe orchard fruit, and elegant hints of elderflower and mountain herbs. The palate is clean with a bright note of citrus and Alpine minerality. Dry finish.
Le Cellier des Chênes Aprémont Tradition Blanc 2021
Jura-Savoie, France
$19.00 (purchase it online here)
This fresh and crisp white is your perfect introduction to Savoie. Made from the Jacquère grape variety grown in clay-limestone soils, the '21 Aprémont Tradition Blanc displays a bracing dry, mineral freshness that is a welcome tonic in the summer heat. Love.
Varietal: 100% Jacquère.
Taste: Notes of citrus, melon, and white fleshed fruits all dance around a core of Alpine minerality, herbs, and floral notes. Refreshing, and easy to enjoy with a nice balance of acidity.
La Cave du Prieuré Roussette de Savoie 2021
Jura-Savoie, France
$26.00 (purchase it online here)
The '21 Roussette de Savoie from La Cave du Prieuré won a medal for the 4th consecutive year at the General Agricultural Competition in Paris. This Roussette de Savoie is a slightly fuller-bodied white with enticing aromas and flavors of stone fruit. Another killer white...
Varietal: 100% Altesse from 25 year old vines. Native fermentation in stainless steel and then aged for a minimum of 6 months before bottling. Altesse is a white grape variety that is French in origin, but its ancestors were brought from Cyprus.
Taste: Pale yellow color in the glass with a fruity nose of pineapple, peach, beeswax, and floral notes. A rich, mellow texture with good persistence on the palate. Clean finish with notes of stone fruit.
La Cave du Prieuré Savoie Pinot Noir 2021
Jura-Savoie, France
$26.00 (purchase it online here)
The Alpine climate of Savoie is also well suited for elegant reds like Pinot Noir. For six generations the Barlet family of La Cave du Prieuré has worked their vines by hand on these steep slopes. Semi-carbonic maceration add freshness to the '21 offering
Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir from 35 year old vines. Semi-carbonic vinification, grapes in vats on the mat after having removed 60% of the stems. Fermentation for 6 to 8 days in temperature-controlled vats Stainless steel tank only.
Taste: Light ruby red in color with a the nose that immediately reminds you of red currants & cherries. Refreshing on the palate with very fine tannins that lead to a well-balanced finish.