WEEKLY FLIGHT 9/15 through 9/17/2022 - Germany

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WEEKLY FLIGHT 9/15 through 9/17/2022 - Germany

G R A N D  O P E N I N G


We are excited to announce that our

new Petit Philippe location in the

Design District of South End

is scheduled to open to the public on

Friday, September 16th.


Hours will be Wed - Sat 11am-9pm and Sundays 1pm-6pm


It's been a whirling couple of months to get everything ready, and we thank you for your grace throughout the process. If you are out that direction, please stop by! We look forward to welcoming you! You'll find today's announcement in the Charlotte Observer HERE!

-- Deutschland --


Rieslings from across 3 wine regions +

a dry Gewürztraminer from the Mosel!

This week we invite you to stop by the Tasting Room (or our NEW Location in South End- wow; that feels good to say!)  to experience three different styles of Rieslings from leaders in their respected regions, plus a traditional Gewürztraminer.


These are the perfect late summer wines as we start to cool-off a bit, but the sun still provides plenty of warmth in the afternoon.


What can I say? These are simply incredible wines from the fatherland.


Read on for further details on the regions and a quick Varietal Overview. I believe you will be pleasantly pleased with these wines that rarely leave the continent (or Germany for that matter...) as they show the full spectrum of the Riesling varietal + a Gewürzt for good measure.


Seee you soon!





See Below for our Calendar of Events


(--- Four Seats Remaining for tonight! ---)

KRUPP BROS Winery - Private Tasting

featuring single vineyards at the foot of the Vaca Mountains just off the Silverado Trail

  • Wednesday, September 14th
  • Hosted here at Petit Philippe
  • Click HERE for tickets


FALL HARVEST Grande Annual Event in the Tasting Room

featuring an all Italian line-up with Fred Mullins across multiple AVAs

  • Thursday, September 29th
  • Email us for details, mark your calendar


MASTER SOMM Dinner with Des Echavarrie

featuring a line-up of Cult Napa producers & reception dinner

  • Friday, October 7th
  • Email us for details, mark your calendar
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Join us Thursday through Saturday for a flight of four German wines:



A.J. Adam Dhron Riesling Trocken 2021 - $27 btl/retail

Mosel, Germany 


Dönnhoff Oberhäuser Leistenberg Riesling Kabinett 2021 - $33 btl/retail

Nahe, Germany 


Eugen Müller 'Forster Freundstuck' Riesling Spätlese 2020 - $36 btl/retail

Pfalz, Germany  


Selbach-Oster Gewürztraminer Trocken 2020 - $32 btl/retail

Mosel, Germany


Full Flight of 4 - $17 (2.5oz pours)


4:00 - 7:30pm Thursday - Friday

1:00 - 7:30pm Saturday


Primer on Featured Wine Regions:


THE MOSEL: The Mosel River is the spine of the Mosel valley, changing direction so often as it flows northeast toward the Rhein that it meanders nearly 250 km, to cover about half that distance as the crow flies. Geographically, is my favorite wine region, spanning from Koblenz to Luxembourg and probably some of the most stunning landscape Germany can offer. Together with its two small tributaries, the Saar and the Ruwer, the Mosel composes one wine growing region, considered the oldest in Germany. Here you'll find wine presses from Roman times, a testament to the long history of viticulture here and the large scale of its introduction by the Romans. Around 5,000 winegrowers cultivate 9,000 hectares across 125 wine towns here in the Mosel. As the fifth largest wine region in Germany, it's amongst the most difficult conditions for any winegrower, with its steep, extreme vineyards. Today half of the vineyards are on steep and terraced sites with a slope of over 30 degrees, some planted at an astounding 70-degree gradient! On these precipitous inclines, nearly all grapes have to be picked by hand. The Mosel 'category' is HOT right now, up almost 40% last year (measured by bottles demanded) worldwide by wine aficionados. The Mosel winegrowers rightly see themselves as Riesling specialists, as this noble white variety thrives in the conditions here. The protected valley location makes the region one of the warmest climates in Germany. The steep slate slopes above the rivers store the sun's heat during the day and release it again at night. The roots of the vines penetrate deep into the ground to seek water and minerals. In this way, the winemakers can produce uniquely fine, fruity wines that have an enormous depth of flavor and a relatively low alcohol content - ideal for easy enjoyment.


THE NAHE: The Nahe region is named after the river that traverses the valleys of the forested Hunsrück Hills as it gently flows toward Bingen, on the Rhein. It is a peaceful landscape of vineyards, orchards and meadows interspersed with cliffs and striking rock formations. The wine-growing region on the Nahe has 2,000 years of wine-making tradition. Protection against cold winds by the high Hunsrück, mild temperatures and lots of sunshine create an excellent climate for winegrowing in this sunny valley with low-rain. Although the Nahe is one of the smaller German wine regions, its extraordinary range of soil types is second to none. This is because of its turbulent geological history. For this reason, the region is able to grow a range of varieties and produce a large diversity of wine styles. The steeper sites of volcanic or weathered stone, and those with red, clayish slate seem predestined for elegant, piquant Riesling wines of great finesse and a light spiciness. More than a quarter of the vineyard area of 4,200 hectares is planted with it. Anyone who has enjoyed the Nahe wines, will know the fresh fruit, fine acidity, mineral notes and rich aromas it embodies. No wonder Nahe wine is an insider tip among connoisseurs, a true hidden jewel from Germany's southwest.


THE PFALZ: The Pfalz has many superlatives: the world's largest wine festival in Bad Dürkheim, and also the first and best-known wine route, the Deutsche Weinstraße. For over 85 uninterrupted kilometers, Pfalz's vineyards sweep across this remarkably pretty, peaceful land, linking the 130 wine towns of the region between Bockenheim and Schweigen on the border with Alsace. With 24,000 hectares of vineyards, the region is the second largest wine-growing area in Germany and is made up of two areas, Mittelhaardt-Deutsche Weinstraße and Südliche Weinstraße. The main focus of the winegrowers in the cultivation area (protected by the Pfälzerwald forest) is on classic grape varieties, especially Riesling. The king of white wines has become the undisputed leader in the Pfalz with nearly 6,000 hectares cultivated. Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris have also been on the rise with now over 3,000 hectares planted. In addition, Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau, Gewürztraminer, Kerner and Morio-Muskat belong to the diverse range of white wines in the Pfalz, as well as lesser known varieties (which we love) like Scheurebe, a wine we're featuring on our flight! The Pfalz's proximity to France can be felt everywhere, not least in the preference for good food. Top chefs have now established themselves along the Deutschen Weinstraße, who successfully experiment with regional cuisine and the premium wines here which complement their culinary creations.


A.J. Adam Dhron Riesling Trocken 2021

Mosel, Germany 


$27.00 (purchase it online here)


Winemaker & Proprietor, Andreas Adam leads this Riesling-focused producer just south of Piesport, Germany. The south-facing vineyards of Dhron, named for a tributary of the Mosel river, are known for their expressive wines that are full of fragrance & vivacity on the palate.


Varietal: 100% Riesling. 


Taste: Herbs, candied lemon, green apple peel and notes of spontaneous fermentation. on the nose. This Riesling is clear and juicy, extremely precise in expression, slender and taut, almost crystalline. Dense, yet not heavy thanks to the refreshing acidity. Extremely finely made with a particularly small production.

Short video of Winemaker Andreas Adam regarding the 2021 Vintage


Dönnhoff Oberhäuser Leistenberg Riesling Kabinett 2021

Nahe, Germany 


$33.00 (purchase it online here)


Cornelius Dönnhoff is the 4th generation to run this historic winery. With the Grosse Lage designation this Riesling is considered a Grand Cru from Oberhäuser Leistenberg- long known for a traditional, precise Kabinett with delicate slate aromatics. Nuanced finesse and spicy acidity.


Varietal: 100% Riesling from vines approximately 25 – 40 years of age. Fermented and matured in stainless steel vats and large oak barrels.


Taste: Aromas of white peaches and red berries on the nose lead into citrus notes and slate minerality on the palate that is refreshing & balanced.  Lush, piquant and with a saline character, this Kabinnet delivers gorgeous fruit and aging potential.

Short video of Proprietor Cornelius Dönnhoff regarding Winemaking & the Nahe Valley


Eugen Müller 'Forster Freundstuck' Riesling Spätlese 2020

Pfalz, Germany  


$36.00 (purchase it online here)


Weingut Eugen Müller dates back to 1767 as a cooperage & the specialties of the estate are the racy, aromatic & elegant Rieslings which prosper in the excellent Forster sites. This single vineyard Riesling from Freundstück benefits from the well-ventilated soils which warm up quickly to allow the development of fruity wines that are rich in minerality. 


Varietal: 100% Riesling from vines that are at minimum 15 years in age. Vinification is practiced with slow, cooled fermentations and maturing in stainless steel tanks as well as wooden barrels.


Taste: Still youthful, this late-harvest Riesling is a golden hue in the glass with aromas of juicy, ripe fruit with hints of black berry nuances. On the palate, there is citrus, hints of white pepper and sage, and a balanced touch of residual sugar. The lively acidity leads to persistent mineral notes on the finish.

Short video of Overview of 

Weingut Eugen Müller


Selbach-Oster Gewürztraminer Trocken 2020

Mosel, Germany


$32.00 (purchase it online here)


Selbach-Oster developed as both a top estate producing some of the region’s best wines, and also as a négociant & brokerage firm (dating back to 1660) consolidating the production of smaller growers. Today, Johannes & his wife Barbara manage their vineyards & winery with passion and respect for the estate’s long held traditions


Varietal: 100% Gewürztraminer. Vinification is carried out in a combination of fuder and stainless steel, in a hands-off manner with no fining, and predominantly with wild yeasts. 


Taste: Nice white melon aromas that are complimented by nectarine and citrus notes. Light bodied with a fresh palate that finishes dry & refreshing.

Short video of Johannes Selbach talking about the his family’s estate and 400 years of history in winemaking



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