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Matthiasson Rosé Napa Valley 2022

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Varietal: Matthiasson Rosé Napa Valley 2022 is a delightful blend made from a combination of Grenache, Mourvèdre, and Counoise sourced from the Windmill Vineyard, along with Barbera from the Muller Vineyard, both nestled in the Dunnigan Hills. This unique blend of grape varieties contributes to the wine's distinct character, offering a harmonious fusion of flavors and aromas. Grenache often provides bright red fruit notes, Mourvèdre adds depth and structure, Counoise brings a touch of spice, while Barbera contributes lively acidity and a vibrant profile. The combination of these varietals reflects the artful craftsmanship of Matthiasson's winemaking, resulting in a Rosé that captures the essence of the Dunnigan Hills terroir.

Terroir: The grapes for this rosé are sourced from distinct vineyards within the Napa Valley, reflecting the diverse terroir of the region. The Napa Valley's microclimates, soil variations, and elevation differences contribute to the complexity and balance of the wine. The terroir plays a crucial role in shaping the character of the grapes and, subsequently, the final expression of the rosé.

Winemaking: Matthiasson's approach to crafting rosé involves a thoughtful winemaking process aimed at preserving the freshness and vibrant characteristics of the grapes. Details of the fermentation, maceration period, and aging methods contribute to the wine's style. Rosé wines are typically made with a shorter maceration time, allowing for a more delicate extraction of color and flavor from the grape skins.

Taste: Anticipate a lively and refreshing tasting experience with Matthiasson Rosé Napa Valley 2022. Rosé wines often exhibit notes of red berries, citrus, and floral elements. The vibrant acidity and fruit-forward profile make rosé an ideal choice for warm weather or as a versatile pairing with various cuisines. The winemaking choices made by Matthiasson will influence the wine's specific flavor profile, creating a well-balanced and enjoyable rosé.

Estate/History: Matthiasson Winery's venture into crafting rosé is an extension of their commitment to producing wines that capture the essence of the Napa Valley. This particular rosé is a reflection of the winery's history, emphasizing innovation and a dedication to expressing the diversity of the region. The choice of grape varieties and the winemaking techniques applied underscore Matthiasson's philosophy of creating wines that are both approachable and distinctive. As with their other offerings, Matthiasson Rosé Napa Valley 2022 is likely to embody the family's passion for sustainable practices and a deep connection to the land.