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Matthiasson Ribolla Gialla 'Matthiasson Vineyard' 2020

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Varietal: Matthiasson Ribolla Gialla 'Matthiasson Vineyard' 2020 is a single-varietal wine crafted primarily from the Ribolla Gialla grape. Ribolla Gialla is an ancient white grape variety originating from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in northeastern Italy. Known for its vibrant acidity and unique flavor profile, Ribolla Gialla is gaining popularity among wine enthusiasts seeking distinctive and lesser-known varietals.

Terroir: The grapes for this wine are exclusively sourced from Matthiasson's own vineyard, emphasizing a sense of place and a connection to the land. The terroir of the Matthiasson Vineyard imparts specific characteristics to the Ribolla Gialla grapes, influenced by factors such as soil composition, microclimate, and elevation. This focus on terroir contributes to the wine's individuality and expression.

Winemaking: Matthiasson Vineyard's Ribolla Gialla undergoes a meticulous winemaking process designed to capture the unique qualities of the grape. Details of the fermentation methods, barrel aging, and any distinct techniques employed by the winemaker reflect the commitment to crafting a wine that showcases the full potential of Ribolla Gialla. The winemaking approach may highlight the grape's natural acidity and aromatic complexity.

Taste: Anticipate a tasting experience that reflects the character of Ribolla Gialla. This white wine is likely to display notes of citrus, green apple, and floral elements. The vibrant acidity inherent to Ribolla Gialla may contribute to a refreshing and lively palate. Winemaking choices, such as fermentation vessels and aging processes, will further shape the wine's texture and flavor profile, offering a nuanced and enjoyable tasting experience.

Estate/History: The story of Matthiasson Ribolla Gialla 'Matthiasson Vineyard' 2020 intertwines with the winery's broader commitment to sustainable practices. The Matthiasson family, known for their innovative approach to viticulture, has embraced Ribolla Gialla as part of their portfolio, demonstrating a passion for exploring unique grape varieties. This wine encapsulates not only the essence of the Matthiasson Vineyard but also the family's adventurous spirit in bringing lesser-known varietals to the forefront.

The production of Matthiasson Ribolla Gialla 'Matthiasson Vineyard' 2020 is a testament to the family's dedication to expressing the terroir of their estate while showcasing the potential of Ribolla Gialla as a distinctive and captivating grape variety in the Napa Valley.