5/24 PETIT WEEK IN WINE - Jolie-Laide & Memorial Day Weekend!

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5/24 PETIT WEEK IN WINE - Jolie-Laide & Memorial Day Weekend!

PETIT WEEK IN WINE | May 24 - May 28 2023


Discover new-wave California producer with an old-school approach, making a name for itself with 'pretty-ugly' wines beloved by sommeliers and collectors alike!

As we gear up for the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, I'm thrilled to introduce you to an exceptional boutique producer from Sonoma who specializes in reviving forgotten varietals thriving in remote corners of the Sonoma Valley. Allow me to present Jolie-Laide wines, crafted by the talented Scott and Jenny Schultz.

Jolie-Laide Wines presents a collection of traditionally crafted, elegant, and fresh expressions of varietals rarely encountered in the New World, let alone California. Prepare to be impressed by the exquisite drinking experience these wines offer, with their delicate, refreshing nature and abundant character.

This week, we have a special holiday weekend flight featuring four remarkable Jolie-Laide wines, available for just $20 per tasting flight. The exceptional value of this offer becomes evident when you consider the small production levels, with many of these wines boasting under 200 cases.

To kickstart the flight, we have the Trousseau Gris, a domestic Rosé that's bound to become your new favorite for the summer. The lineup continues with a textured Pinot Gris, then a captivating red blend featuring Cabernet Pfeffer, and culminates in a brooding Syrah that perfectly punctuates the brilliant array from Jolie-Laide.

If you're planning a getaway for the holiday weekend, I encourage you to drop by and secure your wine provisions, including a selection of Jolie-Laide wines. They are the perfect complement to kick off the unofficial start of the summer wine-drinking season.

Let's take this opportunity to gather, honoring and remembering those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice in the armed forces.

For our hours of operation and further details about Jolie-Laide, please refer to the information below. Rest assured, all the tasting flight wines are currently available in-store, but I have a feeling they will be in high demand, so don't delay!

Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.





Jolie-Laide is a two-person operation based in Sebastopol. The name translates loosely to pretty-ugly, a French term of endearment to describe something that is unconventionally beautiful.  


Scott Schultz's passion for wine was ignited when he moved to Napa from Chicago in 2007. Scott began his transition into the winemaking world after a move to Napa for employment as Wine Director at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon in Napa Valley. As he explains, “everyone I met was a winemaker, so on my days off I followed people around to see what they were doing." Before he knew it, he had secured the cellar master job at Realm Winery. That was followed by working with Arnot-Roberts, and then joining Pax Mahle in the same capacity working on the Pax and Wind Gap labels.

Scott’s passion for winemaking grew so significantly that he decided to start his own project, Jolie-Laide, in 2010. Soon there after, he met Jenny who had zero experience in wine, but she graduated with a chemistry degree from Villanova and was working in pharmaceuticals. Interestingly, someone gifted her a wine class, and she was like, “Oh, this wine thing is cool. There’s obviously science in wine.” She came to UC Davis, got her master’s degree, and then started working in the industry where Scott met her.


Scott and Jenny’s approach is a natural one, a 'less is more' ethos. But their keen eye for finding great fruit from only sustainably and responsibly-farmed sites, coupled with an impressive natural talent, lead to consistently delicious wines. 

Their winemaking method is simple: grapes are left whole cluster, foot crushed, and aged in neutral oak. All ferments are done with native yeasts, for both primary and secondary fermentations (no inoculation), and the musts tend to be low pH/high acid, allowing for no added SO2 at the press, and minimal at bottling. They work with a handful of growers, all of whom farm organically (none certified); it is their ability to seek out spectacular vineyard sites which allows them to be hands off in the winemaking process.

To this day, Jolie-Laide shares a winemaking space with Pax and several other like-minded producers in Sebastopol. However it was just announced on 5/18 that a new winery is under-construction in Sonoma with an expected opening date of August 2023!

Bottle Label Art

One feature to note – the labels change every year, featuring a different artist or art collective. “Our wines are a celebration of the year and seasons in which they are made, always unique and different, no two bottlings are ever the same.”

Join us this week as we spotlight Scott Schultz's wines from Jolie-Ladie that pair perfectly with your Memorial Day weekend:


Trousseau Gris 2021 - $34 btl/retail

Sonoma County, CA


Pinot Gris 2022 - $36 btl/retail



Red Blend 2021 - $40 btl/retail



Syrah 2020 - $44 btl/retail

North Coast, CA

Tasting Flight of 4 Wines - $20 (2.5oz pours each)

>> Tasting Flight Hours:


4:30 - 6:30pm Wednesday

4:30 - 7:30pm Thursday & Friday

1:00 - 7:30pm Saturday 


5:30 - 9:00pm Wednesday to Friday

1:00 - 9:00pm Saturday

1:00 - 5:30pm Sunday

>> Tasting Flight Offerings:


Trousseau Gris 2021

Sonoma County, CA

$34 btl/retail

SUMMARY: These rare, near extinct vines produce unique yet fascinating fruit. In turn, the wine made from them is equally beguiling. This Trousseau Gris is a veritable high-wire act; light on its feet, wildly floral yet savory with a visceral depth.

VARIETAL/WINEMAKING: 100% Trousseau Gris from Fanucchi-Wood Road vineyard. Crushed by foot and left to macerate whole cluster for a few days, then pressed and naturally fermented in neutral puncheons and stainless steel followed by all neutral barrique elevage.

TASTING NOTE: Some skin contact lends an incandescent, roseate hue, breadth of palate and subtle tannin. An inebriating blend of summer melon, stone fruit, white tea and wet rock weave with finessed length and elegant palate presence. 13% Alc.

PAIRING SUGGESTION: The elegant and aromatic nature of Sonoma County Trousseau Gris pairs beautifully with grilled salmon. The wine's floral and stone fruit aromas, along with its vibrant acidity, complement the richness of the salmon. The wine's medium body and crisp finish provide a refreshing contrast to the fatty texture of the fish.


Pinot Gris 2022


$36 btl/retail

SUMMARY: Pinot Gris thrives in the deep rocky alluvial soils and the micro-climate at the bottom swatch of the rolling hills near Glen Ellen. Wildly perfumed with a refreshing finish.

VARIETAL/WINEMAKING: Pinot Gris from the Historic old vineyard Glen Oaks Ranch, which is now part of the Sonoma Land Trust. Picked early to preserve acidity and crushed by foot for a 2-day whole-cluster cold soak which adds phenolic texture, while lending a beautiful pale pink hue. Native yeast fermentation in a combination of stainless and neutral oak, then aged all in neutral barrique.

TASTING NOTE:  Beautiful pink hue comes from gently crushing the grapes by foot and a few day cold soak prior to an all wild ferment. Wildly perfumed of charentias melon, stone fruit, bergamot, crisp cantaloupe with refined texture on the palate. 12% Alc

PAIRING SUGGESTION: The bright and zesty character of JL's Pinot Gris is a great match for the tangy and creamy flavors of an arugula salad with goat cheese. The wine's citrus and tropical fruit notes, along with its lively acidity, harmonize with the tanginess of the cheese. The wine's crisp and refreshing profile also helps cleanse the palate.


Red Blend 2021


$40 btl/retail

SUMMARY: Emerging from several risk-taking vineyards dotted around Northern California, this distinctive cuvée is lithe and layered, with delicate bursts of raspberries, incense, tobacco, and bold dashes of black pepper and minerals.

VARIETAL/WINEMAKING:  Composed of some very unique, rare varieties: 44% Trousseau Noir, 22% Gamay, 18% Valdiguié, 13% Cabernet Pfeffer and 3% Poulsard. All varietals fermented separately with some carbonic, and all whole cluster.

TASTING NOTE:  Delicate and lean, mineral-laden, cranberry scented with incense, tobacco, petrichor and black peppercorn. Distinctive fresh black pepper and rose hip aromas are present thanks to the Cabernet Pfeffer (a super rare and historical varietal that was mistakenly thought to be Trousseau). The Valdiguié adds laser beam acidity while Gamay contributes striking bright red-fruited notes. 11.8% Alc

PAIRING SUGGESTION: This red blend is the Swiss Army knife for your holiday weekend that can take care of all your pairing needs. From veggies fresh of the grill your favorite pasta/potato salad would do well here.


Syrah 2020

North Coast, CA

$44 btl/retail

SUMMARY: A blend of two famed Yorkville Highlands vineyards. Hawks Butte vineyard adds striking dark density while still wildly fresh with lithe tannin and Halcon vineyard compliments with brooding structure. One not to miss!

VARIETAL/WINEMAKING: 100% North Coast Syrah from rugged, high-elevation, rocky wind swept slopes of dramatic sites makes for unparalleled Syrah. Picked early to preserve acidity and capture the cool climate characteristics, the grapes are all crushed by foot and fermented whole cluster, followed by a 10 month elevage in neutral French oak barrique.

TASTING NOTE: Dark, dense while still wildly fresh with lithe tannin complimented with brooding structure. Blackberries, violet, camphor, white pepper and cedar. 13% Alc.

PAIRING SUGGESTION: The rich and savory flavors of North Coast Syrah beautifully complement the succulent and robust nature of grilled lamb chops. The wine's bold tannins and notes of black fruit and black pepper harmonize with the charred and smoky flavors of the meat, creating a delightful contrast. The wine's acidity helps cut through the richness of the lamb, balancing the overall palate.

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