5/3 PETIT WEEK IN WINE - Alsace!

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5/3 PETIT WEEK IN WINE - Alsace!

PETIT WEEK IN WINE | May 4 - May 7 2023

- - A L S A C E - -

Alsace's perilous location on the border of Germany & France has made the area a tug-of-war for centuries. Today you can see how the interventions of the two has affected the area through its architecture, languages, and wine.

Nestled between the Rhine river and the Vosges Mountains in the eastern region of France, Alsace has a long history of making fantastic white wines. The compact vineyard area is not much wider than Napa Valley, though a little more than two times as long. And, the French, German and Swiss frequently visit Alsace as a weekend getaway given it's central location, Michelin-starred cuisine, and memorable wines!

This week I invite you to experience our very own Route des Vins d'Alsace at Petit Philippe as we take you on Alsatian journey with a fun Tasting Flight of 4 wines for $23.

We will start off with a classic Alsace Blanc that is a vineyard blend of Sylvaner, Pinot Auxerrois, Muscat/Chasselas, proceed to a Grand Cru Riesling from one of our favorite producers Kuentz-Bas, then a Gewürz from 50 year old vines, and last but definitely not least, a rarely seen Pinot Noir from the Ehrhart family that has been producing wine since 1725.

Come visit us at either location starting on Thursday, May 4th for this deep-dive into Alsace!

I have fond memories of the Alsace, from trips to the region with my cousin whilst I lived in France AND this was the area I asked for my bride's hand in marriage. :) I think you'll walk away from the tasting blown away, and hopefully with a few bottles in hand to enjoy with your family.

Read on for all the flight details, and our tasting room hours below.

With much gratitude -


Quick Background on Alsace

Alsace’s capitol city is Strasbourg. The region can be found in the very eastern side of France in a valley along the Rhine River – a river that separates France and Germany. On the other side of the river is Baden, a German wine region that produces wines in a similar style. 

The region is broken up into two parts:

  • The Bas-Rhin (to the North, by Strasbourg)
  • Haut-Rhin (to the South in low slopes of the Vosges Mountains)

Contrary to logic, the Bas-Rhin is actually to the north and the Haut-Rhin is in the south, but the difference is all elevation. The best vineyards have long been associated with the Haut-Rhin. In the Haut-Rhin is where you will find many of the prestigious Alsace Grand Cru vineyards.

Varietals: There are seven main grape varieties—all white but one.

Pinot Blanc is soft and fruity, with apple and pear flavors. It is the entry-level wine, the most affordable and most accessible. Serve as an apéritif.

Sylvaner is light and floral in the apéritif style. It’s not widely available in the United States, so it’s worth tasting with the local, stinky Munster cheese.

Riesling is steely and minerally (on a German or Austrian level), yet with an extra layer of fruity richness that makes it delicious when young. But Riesling can age as well, sometimes for decades. Partner it with white fish and shellfish, creamy cheeses and pork or salami.

Muscat is aromatic and delicate. It uniquely smells and tastes like grapes. Muscat from Alsace is generally dry and makes a great partner with the most difficult wine foods like asparagus and artichokes.

Despite being made from the same grape variety, Pinot Gris from Alsace is completely different from Italian Pinot Grigio. It’s rich, full bodied, smoky and opulent. This wine is sometimes not quite dry, with peach and apricot notes. Serve with pork dishes, risotto, mushrooms, pâtés or even roasted red meat.

Gewürztraminer is an Alsace specialty. Roses and spices are part of the aroma profile along with passion fruit and mango. The signature lychee character is unmistakable. Gewürztraminers are often sweeter wines than Rieslings, making them fine partners for spicy Asian dishes.

The only red grape in the bunch, Pinot Noir is mostly used for red wine and as part of the blend of sparkling Crémant d’Alsace. As a red wine, it’s a lighter style than Burgundy. 

Alsace is broken up by AOC law. These laws dictate everything from grape variety allowed to vineyard density. So to understand Alsace, it helps to understand the 3 major AOCs

  • Alsace AOC (74% of production)
  • Crémant d’Alsace AOC (22% of production)
  • Alsace Grand Cru AOC (4% of production)

Join us this week as we feature a flight of FOUR Alsatian wines - three whites, and a Pinot Noir!

Justin Boxler

"Jardin des Vignes" Alsace Blanc 2021 - $28 btl/retail

Alsace, FR


'Geisberg' Grand Cru Riesling 2018 - $54 btl/retail

Alsace, FR

Domaine Weinbach

"Treilles du Loup" Alsace Gewürztraminer 2021 - $59 btl/retail

Alsace, FR

Domaine Saint-Rémy

Pinot Noir 2020 - $35 btl/retail

Alsace, FR

Tasting Flight of 4 Wines - $23 (2.5oz pours each)

>> Tasting Flight Hours:



4:30 - 7:30pm Thursday

4:30 - 7:30pm Friday

1:00 - 7:30pm Saturday 


5:30 - 9:00pm Thursday - Friday

1:00 - 9:00pm Saturday

1:00 - 5:30pm Sunday

>> Tasting Flight Offerings:

Justin Boxler

"Jardin des Vignes" Alsace Blanc 2021

Alsace, FR

$28 btl/retail

SUMMARY: Justin Boxler's family has been making wine in Alsace for more than 300 years. "Jardin des Vignes" is a blend of white varietals reflecting the unique terroir & signature of Alsace.

VARIETAL/WINEMAKING: A blend of Sylvaner, Pinot Auxerrois, Muscat/Chasselas made from organically grown grapes and vinified with native yeasts in stainless steel tanks.

TASTING NOTE:  This wine is pale yellow in the glass and offers aromas of white flowers, citrus and stone fruit. On the palate, it is fresh and lively, with flavors of ripe peaches, apricots and a hint of minerality. The finish is long and refreshing.

PAIRING SUGGESTION: The go-to pairing is Quiche Lorraine made with eggs, cheese, and bacon on a pastry crust- a staple in Alsace!


'Geisberg' Grand Cru Riesling 2018

Alsace, FR

$54 btl/retail

SUMMARY: One of the smallest Grands Crus of Alsace by its size, but one of the grandest by its soil. Staggering slopes allow for both a complex and powerful profile, accompanied by a remarkable finesse.

VARIETAL/WINEMAKING: Made from 100% Riesling grapes, grown on the Geisberg Grand Cru vineyard near Ribeauvillé. The grapes are hand-harvested and fermented in stainless steel tanks with native yeasts.

TASTING NOTE: This wine is pale gold in color and has aromas of citrus, peach and petrol. The palate reflects the nose with an intense and complex aromatic expression. A light roundness accompanies the attack, which is well-balanced by a salty and chiseled acidity. A juicy and gourmet wine with many layers and depth, supported by a mineral and racy structure which leaves us with a remarkable palatable finish.

PAIRING SUGGESTION: Pairs best with your favorite gratin, or can be enjoyed with the classic preparation of Dover sole.

Domaine Weinbach

"Treilles du Loup" Gewürzt 2021

Alsace, FR

$59 btl/retail

SUMMARY: Domaine Weinbach has been producing wine in Alsace since 1612, and is one of the most respected wineries in the region. The Gewürzt in this terroir ripens early, producing wines with complex aromatics and powerful concentration. The 2021 is just the third release for this single-vineyard bottling. 

VARIETAL/WINEMAKING: Made from 100% Gewürztraminer grapes, grown on the Treilles du Loup vineyard. The grapes are hand-harvested and fermented in stainless steel tanks with native yeasts.

TASTING NOTE:  Intense pink grapefruit character, but after a little aeration the rosewater and exotic fruit character of the grape comes through delicately on the nose. Powerful, yet so cool, dry and restrained. Then comes the extraordinary finish that has a freshness which almost knocks you off your chair. The final impression is of wet stone.

PAIRING SUGGESTION: Although we would love to try this with the savory/smoky tarte flambée—spicy Asian dishes should be the go-to with this one.

Domaine Saint-Rémy

Pinot Noir 2020

Alsace, FR

$35 btl/retail

SUMMARY: The Ehrhart Family is known for producing some of the finest Pinot Noir wines in Alsace, and this 2020 vintage is no exception. This wine boasts an elegant and refined character- a true gem in a sea of Alsatian whites.

VARIETAL/WINEMAKING: Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, sourced from carefully selected vineyards in the Alsace region. The grapes are hand-harvested and undergo a traditional vinification process, with aging taking place in oak barrels for 12 months.

TASTING NOTE: In the glass, this Pinot Noir displays a bright and vibrant red color, with aromas of cherries, raspberries, and a hint of earthiness. On the palate, it is medium-bodied with silky tannins and flavors of red fruits, spices, and a subtle smokiness. The finish is long and lingering, with a pleasant acidity that balances the wine's fruitiness and adds to its overall elegance.

PAIRING SUGGESTION: Pairs well with your favorite cheeses. In particular, Comte, Gouda, and Port Salut. Can also be enjoyed on it's own given the fresh & delicious profile.

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